Air Born Aerial Fitness


Cancellation Policy

Because we keep our class sizes small, it is very important that everyone adhere to our cancellation policy.

If you sign up for a class and do not show up, or 'late cancel', that is a class spot that someone else could have had.

Fortunately, cancelling a class is easy!

* Cancellation of your attendance in any group class must take place 6 hours in advance.

* If you do not cancel in the alotted time it will be counted as a Late Cancel

* If you do not cancel in the alotted time and do not show up, it will count as an Absent.

* Both Absent status and Late Cancel status will be be charged as if you attended. You cannot get a refund for either a Late Cancel or an Absence.

Of course, Emergencies are understood and exempt from the cancellation policy.

** Note: Private lessons reqiure a 24 hour cancellation notification.

How to cancel a class:

Simply visit the MindBody site (either the Desktop Site or the App and remove yourself from the schedule. Its that simple!