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Class Descriptions

Intro to Circus Aerial

Prior to taking any Circus Aerial group class, students must attend one Intro to Circus Aerials Class. This intro lesson will teach you the basic movements, warm up exercises and climb technique so you are ready to join the group class. This class is required for all ages, Yes, even if you have taken circus aerial classes somewhere else.

If you are unable to find an Intro class that works for your schedule, a one time private lesson can substitute for the Intro class. This will help you get into our other Circus Aerial classes sooner!

Beginner Group Classes

These classes are for those who wish to be with others at their same skill level. With 2 Beginner levels offered, students will never feel left behind or out of place. Beginner classes focus on building a strong foundation from the ground up. So when you are in the air you are strong and confident!

Students will work on silks, trapeze, hammock, loops and lyra.

Walk out the door feeling confident in the amazing things you can do!

Intermediate and Advanced Group Classes

Students will really expand their aerial knowledge as they are challenged physically and mentally!  Air Born students never plateau or get bored with their classes, because there are always new goals to meet, always new challenges to accept and skills to learn!

In Intermediate and Advanced classes, students will learn more drops, wraps and sequences to really find their 'Inner Circus'

Apparatus Specific Classes


Trapeze, Lyra, Loops, Net, Chains, Silks

Is there a specific apparatus that you absolutely love? Maybe there is one that you don't have much experience with and you want to move to the next skill level.

Each class will focus on the specific equipment listed. Open to all skill levels, however Intro to Circus Aerials is still a pre-requisite.

Students who are at the Beginner Levels are encouraged to attend apparatus specific classes to build strength and expand their skills in order to progress to the next level.

Open Workout

These are not structured lessons. An instructor is on site to provide safety and guidance only. Open Workouts are great opportunities to review skills learned in class. This helps when students are wanting to progress to the next level or practice for a sequence / performance.

Didn't get a chance to attend class that week? Come to Open Workout and get your dose of aerial fun/fitness!

Boot Camp

Simply put: A kick butt class that gets you in shape from your head to your toes!  No tricks, no drops, no pretty poses...No whining!

If you want to be a better aerialist, this class needs to be in your regimen!

Aerial Choreography

For those who strive to perform! Learn to put dance in the air by understanding counts of music, transitions and characterization. Work on building a show piece and developing aerial improv skills.

Intro to Aerial Not Required:

The following classes do NOT require Intro to Circus Aerials or any other pre-requisite!

Stall Bars

Belly up to the bar!! In this class students will develop musclular strength through body weight exercises on our stall bars. Develop flexibility by using the bars to stabilize while lengthening the muscles.

Intro to Circus Aerial NOT required! Open to ALL skill levels!

Aerial Date Night

90 minutes of fun! Couples will get to learn fun circus type skills together on the aerial equipment. Plenty of opportunity for photos as you perform awesome poses and skills together!

As the session ends, couples will work on Acro and Aerial Yoga poses together, even enjoying a couples massage and aromatherapy!!

Tired of dinner and a movie? Looking to impress your signifigant other with something totally different? This is for you!

Also great for a best friends outing, sibling bonding time and more!

Intro to Circus Aerial NOT required!

For those wanting fitness, zen and all over well being. Aerial Yoga takes some of the traditional yoga poses and uses the aerial hammock as a prop to assist in alignment and inversions. With Aerial Yoga, students will stay in contact with the floor/mat for most of the session.

Intro to Circus Aerials is NOT required prior to taking any of our Aerial Yoga classes.

Flow AIR Yoga

Never tried Aerial Yoga? This class is great choice for you! Take traditional style yoga poses into the air using the aerial hammock. This workout is classified as 'medium intensity'.

With 2 levels to choose from, you will always feel comfortable and confident.

Power AIR Yoga

Our most popular Aerial Yoga class! Break a sweat by holding poses and repeating them more. Jumping, pulling and pushing through transitions to increase strength and stamina, all while using the aerial hammock.

Similar to yogalates or suspension training, you will gain amazing strength by using your own body weight and our aerial hammocks! You never realized how strong and toned you could be until you've become a Power AIR Yoga student!

Relax AIR Yoga

This class is the polar opposite of Power Aerial Yoga. In Relax Aerial Yoga, you will feel the full release and lengthening of your muscles. Taking time to transition between poses, this is a great hour spent after an intense workout or stressful day.

Acro Yoga

A partner practice that is a wonderful combination of yoga, acrobatics and dance.  Acro Yoga is great for every body, age and ability.

Don't have a partner to bring to class? No problem! Team up with someone in class. Plenty of students come in alone and train together. a great way to meet new people, make new friends and be amazed at the awesome things you will accomplish!

Circus Aerial

Aerial Yoga