Do you have goals?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 3:02 PM

Just because it’s July doesn’t mean we cant have some resolutions, some goals to achieve! So, what are your aerial goals? Do you even have any?

Often times I hear my students say they want to be able to do something; achieve a certain feat of strength, perform a certain move, etc. The initial work to obtain that goal is intense, exciting (“I cant wait to be able to do this! Yaaay!!” ), With every milestone celebrated (“Yaaay!! I got 2 climbs higher on my legless climb today!! woo-hoo!!” )

But soon we become distracted. Other things take priority and our initial goal becomes a forgotten task         (“Oh yea, that...I was working on that for awhile” )

How do we avoid collecting all of these half-way achieved goals? These semi-finished accomplishments?

Lets go through the steps shall we?

1. Set your goal by making it specific.

    I hear this all the time “I want to have more upper body strength” “ I wish I was more flexible”. Those are all fine and dandy but setting a goal means making it specific. Lets change those two vague statements into specific and achievable goals: “I want to be able to do a legless climb all the way to the top” and “I want to be able to have good straddle splits”

OK, now we have specific, achievable goals in which we can actually measure our success.

2. Give yourself a deadline.

    Lets be realistic people; If you struggle to do 5 pull-ups, you probably wont be completing a legless climb in two weeks. Your deadline must be based on how much time you are willing to put into working on your goal every week and on your body’s limits. If you have prior injuries, have recently had a child etc, you must be realistic and take that into account. The other side of the coin is; don’t undersell yourself. If you make your deadline too far in the future that whole distraction thing comes into play. Trust me when I say; you will get sidetracked with other moves, an upcoming show, learning a new apparatus, shiny objects.... :)

Still cant figure out a good deadline? Ask your aerial coach to help you!!

  1. 3. Make a list of things you can to do help achieve that goal.

    Again; be specific. Besides just trying the ‘end result’ over and over, what else will help you mentally and physically prepare to succeed in that goal? Legless climb: X number of pull-ups per class, X number of push ups and static planks at home etc. Straddle splits: Flexibility exercises with warm muscles, 15 minutes at the end of every class etc.

These aren’t exact instructions, just examples. You and your coach have to decide what is best for you and your goal. Remember every BODY is different, therefore everybody will train and advance differently.

  1. 4.Take Accountability:

    Measure your achievements, write down your training steps in your aerial notebook (Oh My God, there she goes again with that darn notebook!!) Thats right people, the notebook. Get it. Use it. Love it. It is YOUR responsibility to track your success. Who knows, maybe what you write down could be used some day to help someone else, or to assist you in teaching classes!

Goals are great to have but are even greater when we can put them in the “Achieved” pile!

So there you have it folks, 4 simple steps. It sounds so easy doesn''t it?? So why are you still in front of your computer? Go find some goals to achieve!!