The hardest exercise for me...

Saturday, February 20, 2016 4:22 PM

Of all the exercises I’ve had to put myself through, in the name of becoming a better aerialist and coach, I am currently working on the one that may just get the best of me:

                                        Increasing my level of patience.

As you well know, ABAF has left our old home inside of the rock climbing gym, to facilitate our growth in our own space. Let me say that again: OUR OWN SPACE!

Back in December, we posted a “letter to Santa” on our social media sites. In it, we asked for a new space for our aerial school with things like: high ceilings, lots of floor space, heat and AC etc. Well, Santa listened. Not only did we find that space, but it is a Brand New Building!

But... with every silver lining comes a cloud (is that how the saying goes?). The cloud in this metaphor? ‘Brand new building’ means stuff has to be installed: Heating and AC, new drywall, lights etc.

Here’s where the exercise comes in: Getting all of that stuff installed means we at ABAF are dependent on a contractor, who is at the mercy of the City for things like permits and inspections.                    

                        Ever wait in line at the DMV? Multiply that times a hundred.

During this hiatus we have been posting at home exercises for everyone, to help keep you “Aerial Strong”. You have to keep up your strength, stamina and flexibility for when you get back in the air! I hope you all have been working hard on that! Unfortunately, it seems we may be ‘grounded’ for a bit longer.

                                         Aerial withdrawals, anyone? I feel ya!

While we have the at home exercise posts to keep up our physical strengths,  I myself am struggling with the ‘waiting for things that are beyond my control’. I came across this video that might help us exercise our patience. After watching it, I felt a little like a shmuck for whining about a month or so of wait time.

While we were hoping for and aiming for the first of March, it now seems we will have to wait a bit longer. So, aerialists, keep exercising. Together, we will work on our Strength, Stamina, Core, Flexibility and yes, Patience.