Air Born Aerial Fitness

What classes are offered on-line?

As we navigate into unchartered territory, we are starting with a few classes and quickly adding more. Be sure to check the Schedule to find all of our on-line classes. From the comfort of your own quarentine, you will be able to attend:


Inversion Prep

Handstand & Arm Balance for Beginners

Flow Yoga

Circus Cirque-its



Dance Flow

Pull Up Bar Magic

How do we register for on-line classes?

- Register/Pay for classes through MindBody, as you normally would

- Wait to receive the email with the 'Meeting Invitation'.

     NOTE: Each class has its own unique 'Meeting Invitation' and code (even if its the same class but on a different date). The invitation with the link will come to you no later than 15 minutes prior to the class start time

- Click the link in your email (It will prompt you to download the Zoom app if you have not done so already)

- Select 'Join With Video' and 'Call Using Internet Audio' so we can communicate with you!

- Set up your device so you can see what your instructor is doing, but also so your instructor can see you

- We dont mind if others in your household attend the on-line class with you, but please do NOT forward the class link to anyone. These classes will not produce enough to pay the studio bills, show your support to your aerial home by paying for each class you attend!

How much do on-line classes cost?

Single On Line Session: $10

8 Class Package of Any On Line Sessions: $65

Anything else we need to know?

Registration closes 30 minutes prior to class starting

Cancellation policy rules are in effect, however, the window to cancel is up to 60 minutes prior to the class starting

You have the option to turn your camera off during class, but if you do, your instructor won't be able to check your technique, ensure proper form or encourage your movements!  

What if you re-open before we use all of our on-line classes?

We cannot predict every scenario and as of yet, do not have a definitive re-opening date. We will, of course, always take care of our Air Born family. If we are able to open our studio doors before you use all of your purchased on-line sessions we will have some options that may include: Exchanging them for an in studio class, Maintaining our on-line series: Grounded or simply refunding you for your unused class


The on-line series to keep you moving, motivated and #CircusStrong during the Covid19 Crisis