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Clay Merritt Workshops!

Does your "one day" list include awesome handstands , croc poses or forearm balances?

'One Day' starts Now!!

  Friday 5/17 at 6pm               Saturday 5/18 at 1pm                  Saturday 5/18 at 4pm

Power Fusion Reboot          Handstand Foundations             Arm Balance Fever

The amazing Clay Merritt (@ClayMerrittYoga) will be in our studio for two days helping us to increase strength and achieve perfect balance with three awesome workshops!

Power Fusion Reboot:

Clay's Master Class in building strength and balance through calisthenic movements fused with yoga based asanas

Improve your muscular and aerobic condition with challenging dynamic and static exercises.

The flows focus on bent arm, straight arm, shoulder girdle, upper leg and total core movements. ALL AERIALISTS NEED THIS!!

Handstand Foundations:

Zero experience needed. Bring a smile and be ready to have fun. Whether your goal is press to handstand, one arm holds, handstand in the aerial equipment or on the ground, or just improving your overall strength; Clay can help you get there!! All levels welcome, No experience required!!

Arm Balance Fever:

Explore basic to advanced arm balance techniques and the crucial strength building exercises to master these movements! Croc pose or arm balance in the aerial equipment one of your goals?


Power Fusion Reboot

Early Bird: $20

At the Door: $25

Handstand Foundations

Early Bird: $30

At the Door: $40

Arm Balance Fever

Early Bird: $30

At the Door: $40

Super Deal!!! All 3 workshops:

Early Bird: $70

At the Door: $90