Air Born Aerial Fitness

Cancellation Policy

Because we keep our class sizes small, it is important that everyone understand and adhere to our cancellation policy.

If you sign up for a class and do not show up or late cancel, that is a class spot that someone else could have had. Fortunately, cancelling a class is easy!

* Cancellation of your attendance in any group class must take place 12 hours in advance. Private lessons require a 24 hour cancellation notification

* If you do not cancel in the alloted time, it will be counted as a Late Cancel

* If you do not cancel in the alloted time and do not show up, it will count as an Absent

* Both Late Cancel and Absent status will be charged as if you attended. You cannot get a refund for Late Cancel or Absent

Of course, emergencies are understood and exempt from the cancellation policy. If you are unable to attend or cancel in time due to an emercency, please call or email us and we will adjust your account.

How to cancel:

Simply visit our MindBody site (either desk top site or the app) and remove yourself from the schedule. Its that simple!