Air Born Aerial Fitness

Dramatic World of Drops -

A limited series event that will amp up your aerial performance, your knowledge of fabric awareness and aerial theory!

Get the MOST out of this series by attending ALL of the sessions.

Students will learn proper technique, various wraps and drops and work through a mind boggling amount of aerial awesomeness!

Students will learn drops that come from same side inversions, split fabric drops, change of direction drops and more.

NOTE: Students must be able to invert safely in the air to execute drops. Otherwise, they will learn the wraps on the ground and execute the drops later in their aerial journey.

It is recommended to register for ALL of the classes in this series to gain the full amount of fabric theory and various styles of drops.

Ready to increase your aerial skills, and blow the minds of your friends and family? You do NOT want to miss out on this amazing series!!

This is a once a year event, that is thoroughly researched and planned out for all levels of students.  

Attend classes using your monthly pass, punch cards, black friday cards or single session purchases!

February 6 - 27 2021

Saturdays at 1pm