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I am voluntarily choosing to participate in Air Born Aerial Fitness classes (hereinafter referred to as "aerial class"). I understand participation in aerial class may entail inherent risks. I assume responsibility for my own safety while participating in aerial class and have considered any special medical conditions / previous injuries, which may put me at greater risk of harm. I have decided to accept those risks.
Aerial Fitness is an inherently risky and dangerous sport and my participation in aerial class could result in injury as a result of my own acts, the acts of another participant or the result of the equipment. I understand that my current health condition could worsen as a consequence of my participation in aerial class. I understand that I and all other participants also join at their own risk.
I understand that all coaches and/or participants in aerial class cannot guarantee my safety while performing activities associated with this sport. No amount of care, caution or supervision can fully eliminate all risks involved in this sport. I freely accept and assume all such risks and dangers and the possibility of personal injury, death, or loss resulting thereof.
I will not assert a claim against Air Born Aerial Fitness, Air Born Aerial Arts, the Instructors/Coaches/Assistants or any person or entity involved with aerial class for injury to my person or property resulting from my participation in aerial class.
I agree to adhere to the rules posted within the facility and on the website. I acknowledge that failure to do so may result in my dismissal from aerial class. I agree to the use of photography and video of my person to be used on social media and marketing materials of Air Born Aerial Fitness.
I have read, understood and agree to the above text and cancellation policy.
*Please note - you will be asked to sign liability waiver again, in person, at your first class.*
I agree with the above terms *