Air Born Aerial Fitness

Event                              Date

All American Tattoo Convention              February 28, 29, March 1

(Troupe Performances)

Dramatic World of Drops Series              March 14 – April 4 (Saturdays at 12:30)       

Dogwood Festival                                       April 25, 26

(Troupe Performenaces)         

Spring Student Show                                 May 17     

Circus Camp                                              June 1 -12  (Mondays thru Fridays)

International Folk Festival                      September 26, 27

(Troupe Performances)

Comic Con                                                October 17, 18

(Troupe Performances)

Zombie Walk                                            October 23                                                                                

(Troupe Performances)

Winter Student Show                              December 6                                                                           


Have you been meaning to ask "When is the...?"

Listed below are the already planned events, local troupe appearances and more for 2020!