Air Born Aerial Fitness

One of the fastest growing fitness trends across the country!

Aerial Yoga takes commonly seen yoga poses 'into the air' using an aerial hammock. It is ideal for those who want to stay lower to the ground yet achieve full body fitness!

No experience needed. All skill levels and body types and encouraged to attend. Be amazed the things you can do!  

Our Aerial Yoga class will not be rigidly structured into one of these styles, but rather inspired by one or more of these styles:

Flow Aerial Yoga:

Take traditional style yoga poses into the air using the low to the ground aerial hammock. Focused on integrating flexibility, alignment, strength and control, this medium intensity class is great as a primary workout or for active recovery days. Open to all levels.

Dance Aerial Yoga:

This class focuses on connecting yoga hammock movements together with dance like precision. Achieve a complete body workout while enjoying a ceative outlet all while staying connected to the yoga hammock and the ground.  

Yoga. Dance. Fitness. Creative Passion.  Open to all levels.

Power Aerial Yoga:

Our most popular aerial yoga class! Students break a sweat holding poses that challenge strength and endurance. This class will enliven students core, arm and leg strength by jumping, pulling and pushing through transitions, all while using a low to the floor aerial hammock. Open to all levels.

Open Workout:


These are not structured lessons. An instructor is on site to provide safety, spotting and guidance. Open Workouts are great opportunities to review skills learned in class or loosen your achy muscles after a long week at work.

Didnt get a change to attend class that week? Come to Open Workout and get your aerial fix!

Don't see what you're looking for? Check out all of the class descriptions on our Circus Aerial page!

Aerial Yoga: